1. News -

    Discussing topics that matter to disabled people in Brent.
  2. News -

    Understanding what matters to you – and acting on it
  3. News -

    How can health and social care services be more accessible?
  4. News -

    Find out what's open when, and what to do if you have a medical emergency.
  5. Report -

    We spoke to patients and staff at Pine Ward, to understand experiences of care and make suggestions for improvement.
  6. Report -

    We spoke to patients and staff at Pond Ward, to understand experiences of care and make suggestions for improvement.
  7. Report -

    We spoke to patients and staff at Shore Ward, to understand experiences of care and make suggestions for improvement.
  8. Report -

    In November 2022 we conducted a series of enter and view visits to the three acute mental health wards at Park Royal Centre for Mental Health.
  9. News -

    Healthwatch Brent is working with teams at Park Royal to ensure patients understand their care and are able to speak up about their needs.
  10. Report -

    Summary of patient experience feedback from January - March 2023
  11. Report -

    People in Brent shared their experiences of using urgent and emergency services.
  12. News -

    Join our team of volunteers and make a difference to local health and social care.
  13. News -

    We're celebrating a Brent Health Hero
  14. News -

    Information about accessing a GP in Brent
  15. News -

    We have set our priorities for the year ahead.
  16. Report -

    An overview of our work from the past year
  17. News -

    From 1 July, the NHS complaints procedure is changing - Here’s what residents of Brent need to know.
  18. News -

    We’re collecting feedback about local maternity and neonatal care
  19. Report -

    Sharing how we plan to work with communities, services and other partners to improve care for all.
  20. News -

    Help Healthwatch Brent reach the communities that could benefit most from our support
  21. News -

    Monthly healthcare news direct to your inbox
  22. Advice and Information -

    Advice and information for people dealing with dementia and their loved ones.
  23. Report -

    Summary of patient feedback collected from April - June 2023.
  24. Report -

    Feedback from 50 residents, sharing their experiences of accessing care
  25. Report -

    Download and view our complaints policy
  26. News -

    Share your story and help us build up a picture of mental health care
  27. Advice and Information -

    If you provide unpaid care in Brent, there is a lot of support you’re entitled to.
  28. News -

    Our recent event celebrated unpaid carers, but also looked at the challenges they face
  29. Advice and Information -

    A year ago the Accessible Information Standard came into force. It requires any organisation providing NHS or social care to communicate in a way that everybody can understand. Here's a reminder of what you should expect.
  30. Advice and Information -

    Do you struggle to speak to your doctor about your medical concerns? You’re not alone. Take a look at our top tips to make the most out of your GP appointment.
  31. Advice and Information -

    Five things you should expect from home care, domiciliary care or help in the home.
  32. Advice and Information -

    How can I get the most out of my next visit to the dentist? Take a look at our tips to help you prepare for your appointment and make sure you understand your treatment and how much it will cost.
  33. Report -

    Take a look at our papers for our Committee Meeting.
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