What is it like to give birth in North West London?

We’re collecting feedback about local maternity and neonatal care

Have you given birth in North West London over the past two years? If so, we would love to hear from you. We’re collecting feedback about:

  • The quality of care received, both during birth and afterwards
  • Whether you were given enough information to understand what was happening and what to do next
  • Whether you felt well looked after by the hospital team

                                                 Give your feedback here

If you prefer to discuss your experience with our team, please send us a message and we will arrange a time for somebody to call you.

We’re also interested in hearing from people who live in Brent but chose to go elsewhere for their maternity care.

About this project

We have been working closely with Northwick Park and the Maternity Voices Partnership to help them improve the quality of care given to people throughout their pregnancy and after giving birth.

Last year, we visited their antenatal clinic and produced a report sharing our findings. The overall feedback was positive, and highlights included the amount of information and choice available, and the support received from staff. Possible areas for improvement included long waiting times and a perceived lack of organisation.

This second phase of the project is looking at experiences during birth and after being discharged from hospital. The information we collect will be used to create a series of recommendations, and will be shared with the service and commissioners.