Speaking up about prostate cancer

We're celebrating a Brent Health Hero

Alfred Samuels is an 11-year survivor of advanced metastatic prostate cancer Stage 4. Alfred has used his experiences as an advanced prostate cancer survivor to improve education and awareness. This ensures men can be diagnosed more quickly and access vital support.

Black men are more likely to get diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other community group. However, there is not enough conversation or visual support about the risk factors or what men should do if they’re worried about their prostate health.

By partnering with local health organisations, including Healthwatch Brent, Alfred is helping to put prostate cancer at the top of the agenda. He spoke movingly about his own experience at our community cancer awareness event. He has been a vocal advocate for better services and broader community engagement.

Alfred’s work has helped make prostate cancer awareness a key priority for Healthwatch Brent. Rising awareness in the local community means more men can get diagnosed – and treated – sooner. Alfred says he has been very fortunate to have survived especially as cancer is a long and psychologically upsetting process.

“Only through raising my voice to men in the community can we achieve the end goal of an educated and more aware community".

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