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Your spotlight on local services
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Want to make a difference to healthcare in Brent? We’re open to new volunteers to come and join our team and get involved with a range of exciting projects to help improve local services.

Why volunteer with Healthwatch Brent?

Volunteering with us gives you a chance to be part of an organisation that is putting local people at the heart of improving health and social care services. We listen to the views of people and community groups around Brent, and use that information to make services better. We also provide advice and signposting, so that patients and residents can get support with everything from GP registrations to making an NHS complaint.

What do our Volunteers get up to?

Volunteers are a really important part of our team. We have a range of different volunteering roles available, to suit your interests and experience. When you contact us, you can indicate which types of volunteering you would be happy to carry out. These roles include: 

  • Online Feedback Collection - gathering views from Brent residents through digital channels such as surveys and online focus groups 
  • Information and Signposting - helping individuals who come to Healthwatch Brent for information and advice by listening to their concerns and directing them to the most appropriate services 
  • Digital Communications/ Social Media - spreading the word about Healthwatch Brent by producing material for our website, newsletter and social media channels 
  • Publications and Document Editing  - helping to produce documents and reports that effectively communicate Healthwatch Brent's work 
  • Enter and View - visiting places that are delivering health and social care services – such as GP practices and care homes – to see and record any examples of best practice or areas that need to improve. A full Enter and View role description is available to download at the bottom of this page. 
  • Virtual Visitor - helping us to assess the online services offered by health and social care providers - for instance visiting GP practice's websites to see whether the information is clear
  • Advisory Group Member - attending our monthly advisory group to help us set our priorities and ensure we are working on projects that have a high impact                        
  • Community Engagement and Outreach - meeting directly with community groups and attending events to hear about experiences with health and social care 
  • Research - carrying out research to help us better understand priority areas in Brent, or to support our projects 
  • Administration - supporting with the general day-to-day tasks that help our service run smoothly. This might involve tasks such as data entry or completing paperwork 
  • Healthwatch representation - attending meetings on behalf of Healthwatch Brent, taking notes and providing updates about our work    
  • Healthwatch Champion/Ambassador - spread the word about our work within your local community, and encourage people to share their views                                    
  • Language & translation (in community language) - support us by translating materials into other languages, or providing interpreting services when we meet with community groups who do not speak fluent English                 
  • Conducting Surveys - we use surveys to gather views from Brent residents about many different topics. Volunteers can help by carrying out surveys with their own networks and other community groups

As you can see, there are lots of different ways that you can support our work. It can involve heading out into the community or carrying out work from the comfort of your computer: whatever feels comfortable for you. Whatever role you choose, you'll receive training and ongoing support from the Healthwatch Brent team. 

Who can apply?

Volunteer roles are open to anyone who lives in Brent. If you want to help shape Healthwatch’s activities and engage with communities across the borough, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are keen to recruit volunteers who represent the Brent’s diverse communities, to help us make sure all voices in the borough are heard.

Note that for some volunteering activities you will need to be over 18. Young people can also take a look at Young Healthwatch Brent, which offers tailored volunteering opportunities.

All Healthwatch Brent volunteers will receive:

  • An induction into Healthwatch Brent
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Expenses in line with Healthwatch Brent’s Volunteering and Travel Policy

You will be asked to:

  • Sign a Volunteer Agreement
  • Agree to have a full DBS check for certain projects, such as Enter and View
  • Be willing to travel to other parts of London for meetings and events

If you are interested in any of our volunteering opportunities please contact Ibrahim Ali by emailing ibrahim.ali@healthwatchbrent.co.uk or telephone 020 3869 9726.

You can also find out more in the recruitment pack below.

  • Your full address and postcode
  • The name of the GP practice you are registered with


Volunteer Recruitment Pack, June 2021

Enter and View Role Description