Young Healthwatch Brent offers young people the chance to volunteer in their local community. You can learn leadership skills, gain confidence and new friendships, and develop an understanding of local issues & debates in the health and care landscape.

Why volunteer with Young Healthwatch Brent?

  • Make a difference in your community
  • Meet new people
  • Boost your skills and knowledge
  • Get training and support
  • Add valuable experience to your CV
  • Do as much or as little as you like, whatever you can give

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What does Young Healthwatch Brent do? 

  • Capture young people’s experiences of health and social care in Brent.
  • Engage young people to better understand the services that are available to them locally.
  • Work with young people to ensure their voice is heard by those planning, commissioning, and delivering health and social care services locally and nationally.
  • Engage with young people across Brent and capture their experiences of health and social care.
  • Promote the involvement of young people in the monitoring, commissioning, and provisioning of health and social care services.
  • Put young people at the heart of our community engagement
Group of young volunteers having a selfie

What you can do as a volunteer

  • Tell us Your Story - create social media content, videos, & blogs about your experiences with health and social care.
  • Listener - listen to the experiences of others.
  • Young Ambassador - spread the word of Healthwatch Brent and empower others to share their views.
  • Speak Out - come to our meetings and talk to us about what we should be working on.

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