Every Mind Matters

Share your story and help us build up a picture of mental health care

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Every mind matters. But not everyone is receiving equal mental health care. Speaking to people across Brent, we’ve heard the frustration that many people are feeling when trying to get mental health support or treatment. For those with complex needs, the challenge of navigating our complicated mental health system can be even more difficult.

We want to capture these stories, and build up a picture of what it’s really like for people trying to get mental health treatment in Brent. We are committed to taking these stories to service providers and commissioners in Brent, to make sure the voices of patients are heard and acted on. The information you share will help build up a picture of what it's like for people living in Brent to try and access mental health care. This will show service providers what things are like from a patient’s point of view.

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We know that not everyone enjoys writing about their experience. If you prefer, you can have a conversation with our team and we will record what you tell us. Email info@healthwatchbrent.co.uk to set up a time to call. We’re also happy for people to contribute other types of information to this project. If you would like to record a video of yourself talking about your experiences, or share a picture that represents what happened, please email us to let us know.