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Health and Wellbeing Survey

Brent partners are currently developing the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Brent. This is a joint strategy where Brent council, the NHS, and Healthwatch Brent are working together, with you, to improve the health and wellbeing in Brent. We are specifically looking at inequalities. Health and wellbeing is wide; many things affect your physical and mental health and it's about identifying the current needs and gaps. We have been talking to people who live or work in Brent and have matched what you have told us with emerging data findings and identified five priority areas we think the strategy should concentrate on. We would like to test these areas with you – see if they sound sensible, see if they sound right, and check these are indeed priority areas you think we should be focussing on.

The priority areas are:

  • Healthy living

  • Healthy places

  • Staying healthy

  • Healthy ways of working

  • Hearing, understanding, and working with the public

To ensure you are able to answer the questions please read the five priority areas and what it means for residents infographic. 

If you would like the survey in another language, please use the translate tool on the website