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Your spotlight on local services
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Grassroots Community Voices

Grassroots Community Voices banner image

Join our network of local community and voluntary organisations

Grassroots organisations have an important role to play in shaping Healthwatch Brent’s activities. Telling us about the views and concerns of your members means you can help to influence the projects that we work on, and ensure that we are focusing on the areas that matter to your community.  

By joining Grassroots Community Voices, you’ll have an opportunity to help make sure that all views in Brent, including the most marginalised, are at the heart of health and care transformation. Working together, we can identify the health issues effecting Brent people, and start planning bold solutions.

The information you share will help us prioritise our work in improving services across the borough. We’ll also share it with key decision makers in the NHS and local council. Let’s work together to transform local health and social care.

What does it mean to join Grassroots Community Voices?

Joining Grassroots Community Voices gives your community an opportunity to speak out about their experiences with health and social care.

This might involve inviting us to your network meeting, sharing our events with your network, or simply catching up over the phone to tell us about the difficulties your members have been facing.

You can also sign up for our monthly email newsletter and bulletins, to stay informed about the work we are doing and any opportunities for getting involved. We may also send out surveys to collect your input on important topics such as GP access or dentistry services.

Joining Grassroots Community Voices is not a formal commitment, but rather a way to ensure that your organisation is involved in the work that we do.

Contact cleo.chalk@healthwatchbrent.co.uk for more information or to sign up.